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Tracey Bosworth, Artist 


Creating pieces of art from raw sheets of glass is key to my sense of freedom.  

My journey to fused glass art began with my appreciation for stained glass lampshades at an early age. Not being able to afford one in my early twenties, I decided to learn how to make my own. A couple of classes later, stained glass soon became my hobby. In the mid 1990’s, I discovered fused glass. Instead of lead came and soldier, 1500 degrees Fahrenheit of kiln heat joined hand-cut glass shapes together to form glass art panels which then could be molded in the kiln to 3-dimensional bowls, vases, and various other fused glass vessels. I was soon hooked and fused glass replaced stained glass as my passion.

My fused glass art allows me to free my imagination and provides many opportunities to explore, have fun and let go.  I enjoy experimenting with different forms of glass such as powders, frit, and murine. My art ranges from small pieces of jewelry to life-sized sea turtle sculptures. My favorite pieces incorporate animal and nature scenes.  I have always believed Mother Nature is the greatest artist and we can only strive to emulate her beautiful creations.

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